Our Approach

We value the customer and strive to offer the best service we possibly can, while always seeking to improve. As we have been involved in RWT for many years now we value its importance as an industry. We are quick to acknowledge shifts in the industry and we adapt to meet consequent requirements. We invest a lot of time and resources into our network to ensure we trade safely on a tiered platform that most competitors simply lack the effort to engage with. Once a supplier trades us gold to our public accounts, we move the gold through a tiered network of hundreds of accounts which are rotated multiple times a week. After an account has been used for a certain number of trades we omit it from the network and add a replacement. We use a combination of level 3 accounts, trained accounts, and real unique players from all around the world.


Our Story

First we would like to thank you for taking an interest in our service. Up until this stage has been quite the journey indeed for Jacky and myself. My name is Liam. I am 24 years old and I am from the UK.

I was first introduced to Runescape in late 2005 at a friend's house after school. The game became a very special part of my young teenage years off and on. I started playing very competitively when I was 17 years old and spent hours each day working towards 99 all skills while chatting to people from all over the world on Skype. The social aspects the game brought to this day remain very special to me as I have developed friendships and networked with people from around the globe with similar interests.

In 2010 I began purchasing RS gold to train up my in-game character, which was when I began to become more familiar with the virtual goods industry. In 2011 after I was making RSGP in-game, I began selling small increments of rs gold, and this continued for the next couple of years while I was studying.

I met Jacky sometime in late 2012/early 2013, and we have been friends ever since. We have done lots of business together over the past 5 years, and also staked together in late 2013.

It was this time in late 2013 that I began making billions of rs gold from staking. I was making no less than 2000M (2bill) gold per night which I began selling on the powerbot.org market forums. On February 19th 2014 I was banned on Runescape for Real World Trading, and I have never played the game recreationally again since this day.

I began taking RWT very seriously after this and began to consider it a full time job in 2015. I worked for many runescape gold selling websites to learn more about the industry and network with experienced market traders. In August 2015 I launched my website RSGoldStock and worked 12-16 hours a day for 6 months straight to build the website.

These 6 months were the hardest I had ever worked in my life, and I learned so much about entrepreneurship, and the technologies behind online business. My strongest skill is networking and I have learned to network beyond the capabilities of most competitors. I have very strong active customer lists on a multiplicity of platforms and have also learned enough mandarin Chinese to negotiate with the pioneers of the virtual goods industries in China.

MMOGoldies is a project that I have been planning for over a year now, and I feel privileged to lead this project as a joint venture with Jacky and other behind the scenes individuals who we have both known for many years. Jacky also has his own networks in a different niche to mine, thus complementing each other's different skill-sets to offer you the best service we possibly can.

Meet the Team

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Founder & CEO

Liam is from the United Kingdom and has been involved in Real World Trading since 2011. Liam has handled over $1.2 million (U.S) worth of RSGP since August 2015. Liam has experience in dealing with over 150 mmorpg currencies and services through a joint venture with Chinese virtual goods traders and pioneers of the RSGP industry. He has also been involved with staking and goldfarming projects.


Co-founder and co-owner

Jacky (China Jacky) is a Chinese-American ex-runescape player. Jacky has held trillions of RSGP in over 5 years of RWT experience. He is an experienced Staker and Bulk buyer and seller of Runescape Gold. He has handled over $500,000 worth of RSGP in his time in the industry.

agent lilly

Customer Support and Trades

Lilly is an experienced trader of RS Gold for both RS3 and Oldschool Runescape.